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This map indicates the layout of this web site.

A. It begins with ancillary projects at the University of Minnesota,
including Symposium publication.
B.The next part has to do with the White and Red Monasteries, the foci of the Symposium. It provides links to some of the websites showing some of the major accomplishments since the conference. A link will be added to a page listing some recent bibliography. Finally, this part briefly illustrates the nature of the major monuments.
C. At the bottom are background materials about Early Christianity in Egypt, illudtrated by some Egyptian art and also European art showing how these stories and people have entered and developed in European consciousness, East and West. It has a glossary and bibliography. Many links to images are broken.


Minnesota Projects
Work on the papyri at the University of Minnesota (project directed by Nita Krevans)
Student participation in an international project on papyri from Oxyrhynchus
Work on the pottery and other materials from excavation in the neighborhood of the White and Red Monasteries: see McNally and Schrunk 1993; "Appendix" 2009, 17-20
Work on material in local collections, notably a textile from the Minneapolis Institute of Arts, also a textile from Arca Artium, Saint John's University, Collegeville MN; "Appendix" 2009, 20-24.

Projected: pamphlet on Coptic Art in local collections.

Symposium 2003 : summary


On Line Publication : Table of Contents

preparation of Symposium papers for online publication completed 2011. Link to "Speakers and Abstracts" now replaced by "Table of Contents" for internet site

Work at the White and RedMonasteries

White Monastery

and proposed 'Federation'

The "Current Yale Expedition" site (link below) has two parts: at top, focus on the White Monastery area, at bottom, (scroll down) a map of the proposed area of the whole Federation with an explanation of its nature.
The White Monastery  (Deir Amba Shenouda)

The Church of the White Monastery

The interior of the Church

Interior, painting; Christ in apse

Interior: more details

report on work 2005-2007 (pdf)

Current Yale Expedition (top part focusses on the White Monastery proper)


  Satellite Image: Excavation areas

compare view at Yale plan


  "Building B" Dormitory? Dispensary?
  Library of the White Monastery  

Funerary Chapel uncoverd by SCA, studied by YMAP

St. Shenute the Archimandrite (Abbot of the White Monastery)
The Red Monastery Exterior Details: The North Door Red Monastery, conservation (2008-1)

Exterior details: the Modern door

Red Monastery, conservation (2008-2))
  Church Interior Elizabeth Bolman: conservation award
  Details  of Interior  
  Film of Interior (on view at the Metropolitan Museum through July 12, 2012. For more informtion, see "Church Interior")


Map of Shenute's Monastic federation: scroll down in Current Yale Expedition

Life in Shenute's Monasteries: Yale site, Life and Activities of Ancient Coptic Monks and Nuns,

The Neighborhood of the White and Red Monasteries

Early Christianity in Egypt


Time Line
AD 1-500
first century
images of the Flight
second century
images of the Presentation
third century
images of St. Anthony
fourth century
fifth centuryimages may be added

Later Dates of Significance (this page is incomplete)


Bibliography goes through 2003 when the Symposium took place. A short bibliography of recent publications on Shenute and the monasteries will be added later.


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