Minnesota in Egypt

Red Monastery: Modern Doorway

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 As in the White Monastery, the Red Monastery church has been divided so that the original trefoil sanctuary is now the church, and the one time nave is an open air gathering place. The image on the left shows the top of the modern doorway, set into a niche in a brick wall. Over the doorway several pieces of carving from the original construction have been reused.

At the right we see the pilasters and angled pediment of a niche: the red and white cross now in the niche is modern. Above the niche is a scroll ornament. In the pediment is a cross in a circle. Four more crosses of three different types flank the sides of the niche.

Further to the right side of the left hand image (outside the modern brick niche) we see a cross in a medallion, and to the left an interwoven, perhaps vegetal fragment.