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Seven Symposium papers are published here, and an eighth will be. Listed below, they are the two keynote leactures by Goehring (to be added in 2011) and Innemée, and the Symposium contributions of Brenningmeyer and McNally, Maguire, Moussa, Schrunk, Stewart and van Doorn-Harder. The abstracts of six additional contributions follow. The exhibition catalogue appears as an Appendix. An Index to these papers and to the abstracts follows. Links to all appear below.

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Acknowledgments viii
Karel Innemée
University of Leiden

Keynote Address. Mural Painting in Egypt: Problems of Dating and Conservation.

p. 1

Todd Brenningmeyer
Maryville University
Sheila J. McNally
University of Minnesota

Analysis of Space at the Red and White Monasteries p. 25
Eunice Dauterman Maguire
Johns Hopkins
Dressed for Eternity: A Prelude. p. 39
Mark Moussa
The Catholic University of America

Shenoutian Control, Articulate Discourse, and the Communal Challenges of the White Monastery.

p. 71
Ivančica Dvoržak Schrunk
University of St. Thomas
Spiritual Economy and Spiritual Craft: Monastic Pottery Production and Trade. p. 83
Columba Stewart OSB.
Saint John's University
The Practices of Monastic Prayer: Origins, Evolution, and Tensions. p. 97

Nellie Van Doorn-Harder
Valparaiso University

Imagined Antiquity: Coptic Nuns Living Between Past Ideals and Present Realities. p. 109




Elizabeth E. Bolman
Temple University
Abstract: Preservation and Destruction at the Red and White Monasteries, Sohag.
Final version published as Bolman 2006. "Late AntiqueAesthetics, Chromophobia and the Red Monastery, Sohag, Egypt." Eastern Christian Art 3: 1-24.
p. 129
David Brakke
Indiana University
Monks, Priests, and Magicians: Demons and Monastic Self-Differentiation in Late Ancient Egypt.(no link to abstract at present)
For original paper, please click link.  Paper published in Brakke 2006, Demons and the Making of the Monk: Spiritual Combat in Early Christianity, Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press
p. 131
Darlene L. Brooks Hedstrom
Wittenburg University
Abstract: New Questions from the Ceramic Corpus at John the Little's Monastery.
Paper withdrawn: material will appear as part of expanded ceramic studies at John the Little by the Yale Monastic Archaeology Project. For that project see: http://www.yale.edu/egyptology/ae_al-natrun.htm
p. 133
James E. Goehring
Mary Washington College
Abstract Remembering for Eternity: The Ascetic Landscape as Cultural Discourse in Early Christian Egypt
Paper will be published in Ascetic Culture. Edited Blake Leyerle and Robin Darling Young. Notre Dame University Press, expected to appear in 2011. After that publication the paper will alsobe posted on this web site.
p. 135
Chrysi Kotsifou
Oxford University
Abstract: Economic relations of the White Monastery and its surrounding communities.
Paper withdrawn: A revised version will appear in the Journal of Juristic Papyrology.
p. 137
Rebecca Krawiec
Canisius College
Abstract: Clothes Make the Monk: The Rhetoric of Clothing in Late Antique Monasticism.
Paper withdrawn 2011.
p. 139
Bentley Layton
Yale University

Abstract: Monastic Order in Shenoute's White Monastery Federation
Work in progress, not for publication.finished version appeared as Layton 2007. "Rules, Patterns, and the Exercise of Power in Shenoute's Monastery: The Problem of World Replacement and Identity Maintenance." Journal of Early Christian Studies 15: 45-73.
p. 141

Caroline Schroeder
University of the Pacific

Abstract: Prophecy and Porneia.
Paper published as Schroeder 2006 " Prophecy and Porneia in Shenoute’s Letters: The Rhetoric of Sexuality in a Late Antique Egyptian Monastery." Journal of Near Eastern Studies 65: 81-97.
p. 143



Sheila J. McNally
University of Minnesota
Life in Late Roman and Early Islamic Egypt (and Later Reflections). p. 144
Exhibition acknowledgments p. 144
Text posted here; please click link p. 145
Images posted here: please click link   (separate because large file) p. 207
INDEX please click here for the Index p. 247