Minnesota in Egypt

White Monastery

  • Monastery of St. Shenute near Sohag in Egypt
  • Painting and sculptural details
    photographs 2001 (Elizabeth S. Bolman)
    and 2011 (Susan Jacobsen)

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    Half dome (Painting destroyed):
    Middle register: Niches with modern icons placed in front of dim remains of medieval paintings. (2012)

    Ccapital, molding and frieze between middle and lower range. (2002)
    Detail of image above: cross in corner niche of middle register. (2002)
    Lower and middle range of niches between column.
    Virgin and Child painted on adjoining wall. (2012)

    Detail from image on left:
    Virgin and Child.
    Test patch cleaned. (2012)

    Right edge of side lobe and adjacent painted wall
    Painting on side wall (2001)