Red Monastery Church

Sculptural Details: the North Door

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Left: the north wall of the Red Monastery Church, showing the position of the richly decorated north door.

In early Egyptian churches the principal doors are frequently on the long sides. There is at present no door in the west wall, and the entrance on the north has been altered.

The sculpture hereis reused, perhaps from an earlier phase of the church.

Above: East capital and lintel of north door

Right: West capital, lintel and upper moldings of north door

Below: interior view of north door





Hans-Georg Severin has recently studied the architectural decoration of the facade and the interior. He proposes a date for the building's construction based on the sculptural style. Grossman thought the building was built in two phases, but Severin says one, with different groups of workmen. Construction had been generally placed about a generation after the White Monastery. Torok though the two were closer in date. Severin, however, places the Red Monastery later, probaly in the second quarter of the sixth century.
Severin 2008. "On the Architectural Decoration and Dating of the Church of Dayr Amba Bisoy (Red Monastery) near Suhag in Upper Egypt." Dumbarton Oaks Papers 62: 75-112